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Contact Traffic Tickets Defense Lawyer Houston to Protect your Legal Rights

Traffic Attorney Harris County


Being accused of a crime is no small issue and at such times it is important that you consult a criminal lawyer in Houston who can guide you through the legal procedures and safeguard your interests in fighting for justice on your behalf. All cases pertaining to DWI/DUI drug possession, domestic violence, murder, theft are criminal cases under the laws of the state of Texas.


Warrant Lawyer Houston


A dwi/dui charge creates multiple concerns. The laws in Texas are very strict. The punishment can include thousands in fines and months in jail. However, with an aggressive defense and strategy you may be able to avoid such harsh sentences. You have constitutional rights that must be protected through a vigorous defense. Your attorney should thoroughly evaluate the alleged probable cause, the reliability of the field sobriety tests, the reliability of the equipment used, the procedures followed during all searches and seizures, the evidence chain of custody, the certification and training of all parties involved, and their past and current conduct. Your attorney should attempt to have any inefficiencies in the evidence evaluated and all suppressible evidence ruled inadmissible. If your driver's license has been suspended; we immediately file for the administrative license revocation hearing to force a hold on that suspension.


Similarly, if you have received a traffic ticket you should immediately contact an experienced traffic attorney Harris County to advise you and help you to avoid the mistake of talking to the prosecutor and either pleading guilty or no contest. It is important for you to remember the sequence of what actually happened when a traffic ticket is issued to you and take pictures to back that up. This will also help your traffic tickets defense lawyer Houston to defend your case.

Drug Possession Lawyer Houston


Of course drug possession is always treated as a serious crime in Houston and the possession of any unprescribed drug can cost you your freedom, not to mention thousands of dollars, and a criminal record that could destroy your future. Other punishments include court mandated drug rehabilitation and random drug tests depending on the amount of drugs possessed by the accused. However, the drug possession lawyer Houston will help provide a strong defense strategy on the legality of the police search and methods of seizure. The search may have been unlawful or based on a fictitious warrant. It is the responsibility of the prosecution to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Your lawyer may, through the discovery of evidence, raise that level of doubt in the case and grant you your freedom.


So whatever might be the charges accused against you, it is better that you contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer Houston. If it is a traffic ticket he will even be able to remove any arrest warrant issued against you by posting bonds and representing you in trial.

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